We transform food systems

Flexible supply chain software with mobile app simplicity.

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We have a broken food system

The current system is wasteful and inefficient

It's expensive

Smaller players are priced out, typically relying on a cumbersome mix of email, text, and phone to coordinate complex inventory movements

It's siloed

Sharing information across organizations is cumbersome and severely constrained, leading to poor planning and decision-making.

It's inaccurate

Digital systems don’t match rapidly changing physical reality, leading to out of stock and shrink.

It's brittle

Users need to bend their own processes to match the software, or pay a hefty price to build and maintain customized extensions.
Transforming our food system

We built our own inventory management and ecommerce system from scratch.

A seamless realtime linkage of physical reality with your inventory systems and your ecommerce platform, reducing waste and driving profitable growth. And it’s very affordable.

Features for tracking your own inventory

Unique Item Tracking
Starling tracks “this” case of apples rather than just “a” case of apples.
Rich data
Starling tracks the destination, and condition of each item, with text, pictures, and video.
Realtime information
Starling updates at the speed of the internet, available instantly to all authorized users.
Flexible features
Starling bends to match your processes, not the other way around.

Features for buying and selling with others

Accurate availability
The product on display is tied to real physical inventory eliminating out of stock problems.
Fast transactions
Realtime inventory visibility enables one-click ordering and facilitates higher transaction volumes.
Collaborative decision making
Sharing information with supply chain partners is as easy as Google Docs - choose Private, Read Only, or Read/Write - enabling better planning and reducing waste.
Genuine provenance
Know where the product came from and how it got to you

Customers love the speed and flexibility of Starling.

Explore Case Studies
James Martin
Wilson Produce
As farmers, the Starling platform has enabled us to create new connections within a fractured food system while addressing the pressing issue of nutrition security during these dire times.”
Sally Robson
Product support comes first when we are considering a new service. Do yourself a favour and choose Ollie, we have found the support to be second to none.
James Hillier
It's hard to overstate how useful Ollie has been to our business. Kudos to the team - I'm speechless.
Debra D
I was already in love with the product, but the after-sales support was what sealed the deal for me!
Christopher C
I knew from the moment I saw it that this was the template for our business. So much flexibility and variety. I've been having a blast creating our business's website!
Sam Kent
When I saw how easy it was to copy and paste the sections I was sold. Ollie has everything we needed and more to create a site for our client – we will be repeat users for sure.
Karina Ho
Using Ollie made it easy to experiment with different layouts and design combinations.
Clara Walsh
We've been using it to quickly build sites for clients, then customising quickly via the style guide. It's SOOOOOO easy.
A feature overview

Why customers are choosing Starling

Affordable Solution
The Starling app is free and runs on your phone. Barcode labels cost pennies and the first 30 are free. The (optional) analytics module starts at $99 / month.
Flexible features
Customizable Starling features match your unique use case. Want to donate to the food bank? Want to recall only the cases received last Tuesday? No problem.
Realtime Information
As items are sold, received, or placed into shrink, the system updates instantly for all users. No waiting for batch processes to complete.
Built by Food Veterans
Our team boasts decades of hands on experience buying, selling, and moving food at organizations large and small.
Rugged Systems
If information is scanned outside of internet coverage, data is stored and syncs immediately when connectivity returns.
Top-notch support
Run into trouble? Don't fret, our friendly support staff have you covered.

Grow your business with collaborative ecommerce and accurate inventory.

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  • Fast and affordable implementation
  • Use for ecommerce, inventory or both
  • Reduce inefficiency and waste
  • Delight your customers and staff
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